Terrific Trio Lunch & Learn

Live Webinar: 3 Products to Boost Your Portfolio From American National of Texas Insurance Company (ANTEX)
Join us February 20th at 1:00 EST and discover the power behind ANTEX’s Terrific Trio!

1. Signature Term Life Insurance 
ANTEX Signature Term is more than just term life insurance. With the ANTEX Signature Term, your clients will have receive the benefit from some of the most competitive Living Benefits in the industry. All three Living Benefits (Chronic, Critical, and Terminal) come free of charge on all term lengths, including ART. In addition, with Express Underwriting, clients are only subjected to MIB/Script check on Face Amounts less than $250,000. Have your cases submitted and issued within 72 hours!

2. The Answer Plan 
The Answer Plan is the answer to your accident/injury product needs. This extremely affordable plan provides clients with indemnified coverage in the event of an accident. Perfect for children, this product is not age rated. It also works on a per injury basis. The Answer Plan comes with both, In-patient and Out-patient benefit up to $250,000 with a small deductible. A great addition to your menu of client benefits.

3. Strategy Health Plan 
With the fate of the Affordable Care Act still undecided the Strategy Health Plan can aid clients in tough times. This hospital indemnity health plan has a particular set of hospital benefits that are indemnified to the client. With varying degrees of coverage, your clients have the option to get the correct amount of assistance they need.



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