Exclusive ANTEX Life Agent Incentive Menu!

While working in the sales force I am sure you are familiar with sales incentives. Most employers offer the same thing every year with nothing new or exciting to motive the sales person. Moody Insurance Group is proud to announce an exclusive incentive program to ANTEX direct life agents.

Our incentive program offers an opportunity for all contracted agents to get a piece of the pie. This is NOT your average incentive program, instead of offering 1 or 2 incentives; ANTEX has over 20 incentives to choose from. Whether you sell a high or low quantity of policies there is something to strive for. Ranging from gift cards, to high end electronics, to luxury Royal Caribbean cruises. We also have very unique incentives, such as hunting expeditions and deep sea fishing charters.

In order to participate in the program you must be contracted directly with ANTEX as a general agent. The program runs until December 21st, 2018 and redemption of incentives (but not all) are eligible after March 1st, 2018. Life products that are eligible to contribute towards the incentives are the following;

(Terms and conditions can be found on our incentive program document)

The ANTEX team wants to reward hardworking agents and motivate agents to produce more business. A win-win scenario is the name of the game; you grow your business while earning top notch prizes for you and your family. Do not miss out on this great opportunity to earn stellar prizes while selling high quality life products.

Get appointed with ANTEX and become eligible for the incentive program and begin working towards your prize today!



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