The Three E’s for Enrichment.

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy the articles that I have been sharing with you. The articles are not composed with just words; rather they are designed with meaning and are compatible with you internally. Your feedback is valued, so I was pleased to get your reaction from my last article. With that in mind, I wanted to expand on the theme of enrichment. I would like to define Enrichment

as the execution of an act that results in the enhancement of the value of an item or increasing the wealth of others.

Applying this definition subjectively initially one would ask ourselves. How is this accomplished?

First, listen to your inner voice as you speak to yourself. The glaring question is if you spoke to your friends the same way you spoke to yourself, would you have any friends or business? How do you reward yourself for a job well done? Do you rest, celebrate or just keep working. Next, how do you enrich the lives of others? Many times we are fortunate to make a great living by enriching others through our products and services. Oftentimes, we can enrich others through our civic involvement. The secret is this: by enriching others we do in fact enrich ourselves. Now let’s put the meat on the bone for your enrichment as I share the three E’s with you.

The first E represents Examples. Who are your examples for you in your personal development? Secondly, who is using your life for their example on pinnacle performance?









The next E would be Empowerment. It is important to be empowered in order to take on our challenges. Empowerment is fused by an ever growing interest in your subject that builds an impenetrable foundation that will provide your life stability. When you have stimulated your appetite to satisfy your interest you will strengthen your knowledge base, and when you have a solid base you will experience an unwavering belief in yourself, product, and the future.


The final E would be Expectations. I shared this idea in a previous article when I wrote that if your expectations are unrealistic, then you are a candidate for burnout. Conversely, if your expectations are too low you will die of boredom. The secret is to challenge yourself for your only real competitor; is you. I love the quote that was attributed to Michelangelo who lived in the late 14th century,

“The tragedy of life is not that we set high goals and don’t achieve them, rather we set low goals and reach them.”

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