Transforming dreaded sales calls into profitable service.

In the world of selling it has been taught that no one wants to be sold anything, yet everyone wants to buy something. With that in mind, it is important for sales pros to adapt their presentation to adhere to this wisdom. I am going to share with you an amazing sales concept that turns selling a product into a valuable service. When we serve our clients we are fulfilling the role of a consultant. Consultants are effective in every industry for they have the rare combination of skills and traits such as objectivity, technical experience, logical reasoning, and time.

As a seasoned life insurance professional, or whatever your chosen field of expertise may be, you need to appear to your prospect as objective. One sound strategy is to verbalize that to your client. My words to a prospect went something like this:

I want you to know that if this is a good decision for you and your family I encourage you to make it; however, if this is not in your best interest than I don’t want you to make it. Is that fair enough?

The way we turn product sales into service calls is to provide a valued added benefit for them. I was able to incorporate logical reasoning into my presentation. This was the process of educating them on needs they may not have thought of before and to conduct a systematic way of demonstrating for them how to solve a future challenge.

For example, when I sold insurance I would give my prospect a free evaluation of their current plan and I would calculate for them exactly how much life insurance that the family should carry in the case of a premature death. The time that I spent with them gave me an opportunity to use qualitative analysis in understanding what was important to them (values and meaning) as it pertains to insurance needs. I was able to use the quantitative data in researching their numerical needs in funding their future financial objectives with life insurance. Many sales pros are reluctant to ask the prospect if they felt that they had received some value for their time and attention. Once the service has been completed and confirmed by the prospect, then you are ready to capitalize on the obligational strategy that states that if someone does something good for you than they have should give you an opportunity to share with them your product offering.

Spend quality time with your clients and never be in a rush

Utilizing this simple technique, you will expand your prospecting pool, increase the number of your presentation, and will grow your revenues. Next time you are tempted to sell a product stop and think how I can serve my prospect initially.

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