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Cash for Apps – A program from Moody Insurance Group, Inc.

We are excited to announce that we are having a CASH FOR APPS program for the next 3 months. Starting on December 1st, ANY LIFE POLICY that is submitted and issued/paid with American National of Texas and has an annual premium of $1,000 or higher will receive a $75.00 cash bonus for EACH policy up to 10. That’s a quick, extra $750.00 in an agents pocket for doing the same job they are already doing.

You can think of it as a:

  1. A bonus
  2. Cash Injection
  3. More money for the same amount of work

This program is only available for agents that are DIRECTLY contracted to Moody Insurance Group, Inc. at the GA level.

Interested!? Call Paul Harrington at 409-681-4542 or send him an email at

The Language of Optimism

Studies have verified the importance for sales professionals to be optimistic. As Ralph Waldo Emerson taught, “The sign of mental health is to see good in everything.” Optimism is a philosophy that allows one to expect the very best, and if the results don’t initially materialize it directs them to find the positive from the… Continue Reading

Rainmakers – May 19th

This is a recording from our study group, Rainmakers. Rainmakers meet every other Friday to discuss trends in the insurance market and also what it takes to be an elite agent. To be a part, please visit the Event Calendar page and find the time that is right for you!     Continue Reading

The importance of a sales strategy

If you have ever attended one of my webinars you have heard me say that every successful financial professional has designed specifically for themselves a sales strategy. A strategy is a plan of action to accomplish an objective There are two distinct elements to a strategy. First, there is the deliberation and contemplation of an… Continue Reading



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