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The Language of Optimism

Studies have verified the importance for sales professionals to be optimistic. As Ralph Waldo Emerson taught, “The sign of mental health is to see good in everything.” Optimism is a philosophy that allows one to expect the very best, and if the results don’t initially materialize it directs them to find the positive from the… Continue Reading

The importance of a sales strategy

If you have ever attended one of my webinars you have heard me say that every successful financial professional has designed specifically for themselves a sales strategy. A strategy is a plan of action to accomplish an objective There are two distinct elements to a strategy. First, there is the deliberation and contemplation of an… Continue Reading

The five buying temperaments of a prospect

It is always fascinating in working with our sales professionals when they are experiencing difficulties in securing a sale. I like to inquire about the prospect and suggest sales strategies to assist them in moving the prospect into the family of clients. One important question that I always ask is this: What is the prospect’s… Continue Reading



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