The importance of a sales strategy

If you have ever attended one of my webinars you have heard me say that every successful financial professional has designed specifically for themselves a sales strategy.

A strategy is a plan of action to accomplish an objective

There are two distinct elements to a strategy. First, there is the deliberation and contemplation of an idea followed by the mental creation of the objective. The next part of the strategy is the physical execution of it. A sales strategy is initially focused on a particular market that has been identified as a viable outlet for your particular services, product distribution and on-going sales opportunities. This

process is followed by identifying the vehicle that the future clients will be utilizing to arrive at their solution. The product/service should be mastered and internalized which means you thoroughly understand the why behind the what, the translation of features into benefits and have anticipated every conceivable question or objective offered by your prospect. In addition, you must know who you are competing with in your marketing area. The final element of a successful sales strategy is your support system. The support system will assist you in maximizing your efficiency as a sale professional. When you are sitting on hold for your pending business, waiting for your commission to hit your account and wondering when your supplies will arrive, then you are not doing the things that will make you money.

You are paid to communicate value and assist others in taking action to possess that value

The next time you are feeling pain from your practice remember this story. A student sought out his master in their desire to learn everything that was to know in life. The master agreed to assist them setting them up in a comfortable room with the world wisdom capture in volumes of books. Each morning the Master would visit inquiring in their development. When the student replied that they still didn’t know everything in life he would strike them on the head with a bamboo stick. This took place for three days when finally, the student reached up and grabbed the rod. The Master smiled and congratulated the student for they had indeed learned everything that they needed to know in life. You will never learn everything; however, everyone can stop their pain. You can prevent your pain in your business with a well-designed sales strategy that will carry you to brighter days.

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